Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homeopathic genus epidemicus: Colocynthis for the current stomach cramping "flu."

Rarely do I get a single remedy right.  But I've just treated myself, a ninety plus person, and an eight year old for similar symptoms so I think I have a ringer for this current stomach cramping flu/cold we've got going around.  Sinus congestion with burping and gas.  I used colocynthis, which matched the broader picture of specific symptoms as if the patients were reading the remedy. 

In one case we also had antibiotics available, but they didn't seem necessary for relieving the pain and gas.  I recommended following up with probiotics and avoiding the white carbs and sugar (both rapid fermenters). 

Multiple conventional medical personnel had been unable to help in one case, so I felt wonderful that something as non-toxic as a homeopathic was able to provide relief. 

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