Thursday, March 8, 2012

Should You Become A Naturopathic Doctor? It Takes A Book.

In the last decade I have had enough conversations with confused students to want to make it a little clearer that we are talking about fundamentally different professions. Naturopathic doctors and medical doctors treat the same patients. They collaborate on care. So to patients the professions seem similar. But the framework of how the professions work, and how the people in those professions function, is like comparing the earth to the moon. Do you need this book? What are twenty-six hindsight clues that should have told me I absolutely had to become an N.D.? What percentage of medical students have been physically attacked? The rate of drug dependence of physicians is what percentage of the general population? Is it three times lower, three times higher? More? Less? What are the three assumptions about you that any skeptic will have if you are an N.D.? What percentage of his or her income does the average N.D. make on supplements? Learn these facts and the ten fundamental differences between being an M.D. and an N.D.