Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catchy Title, Lots of Wisdom from a Saint, a Surfer, and a CEO.

I found this book moving, insightful, pat, a little repetitive, confusing, etc.  There are insights that I really like and other insights that I question.  Some have proven true in my own life, and others feel like too much positive and not enough:  "Some things just suck." 

I'll give you an example.  The surfer lives alone on the beach.  He loves everything, but you have the distinct impression that his ongoing joy is in part because he really limits his exposure to other people.  Most of us live in a world of people, and it would be nice to have him discuss a bit more how to deal with difficult people while in complete joy. 

Our saint is a member of the church.  He himself is saintly, but his employer...well, let's just say there are issues. 

The CEO is a Wall Street banker, and one wonders if she would have been featured now that we've gone thorugh the "Great Recession." 

But that does not detract from the many, many insights in the book about how we should all be living our lives.  If we spend all our time judging the messengers we'll never get the message. 

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