Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cough, Cough, Go Away, and Come Again...Never!

The cough I’ve seen lately can get completely out of hand. People get a sinus drip, which leads to a productive cough. Then they cough too hard and tear up their throats, leading to what I call “tickle throat,” where a patch of your esophagus gets too tender and you just can’t stop.

I’ve had patients tell me what the ER staff is handing out, and it appears to be primarily strong cough suppressants and occasionally antibiotics. Neither one appears to be doing the trick. (But do check in with your regular doc. Everything below is for you to discuss with them. Never rely on any medical advice you receive via the internet because we’re all individuals. And some of us take really strong medications that can seriously react to even the mildest compounds.)

Here are some things that patients have passed on to me: Spongia Tosta (Boiron blue tube 30c). I saw it stop the cough in the office. The patient was taking five at a time.

I didn’t get the same result from Rumex Crispus (boiron 30c) although it sounded like a tickle cough.

Personally, I’ve already been exposed to this five different times. Hot tea with honey helps with the initial cough, menthol and menthol cough drops seem to slow things, and I use “toxic sludge” (only had to resort to it once) if I can’t beat it otherwise. “Toxic sludge” is my name for Wise Woman Herbals’ H.E.M.P. + Throatease compound, which is not available for direct order by consumers. They do have a Respiguard glycerite which isn’t as powerful but does seem to available directly (RESP9 at Emerson Ecologics’ website).

The cough loves sugar, late nights, and holiday food. So take care of yourself long before you start ordering things.

If things aren’t improving, give me a call. Usually I’ve learned new things the hard way. Why should you?  You could also sit in bed and read the CDC's flu preparation handbook.  A little late, but maybe it's got some tidbits in there about exactly where on the inside of your elbow you should sneeze.  I'm an above the crease man myself, but I have no serious differences with the "forearm blowers."

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