Sunday, July 18, 2010

IBS: more than a "just live with it" diagnosis.

One of the saddest things is to have a patient mention they have IBS at the end of a visit as if it were something like a curse.  IBS simply means that no organic (big ulcers) illness was found in the bowel, which is a good thing.  But many conventional doctors are still under the impression that IBS is a mental condition, when mental health treatments don't work and a variety of functional disorders (malabsorption and fermentation of various sugars, for one) are clearly involved in a percentage of cases.  I've posted a page on IBS at to give an overview of some of the research.  Anyone who has a strong stomach can watch the following video (mostly shots of colonoscopies before and after dietary change).  Colonoscopies with dietary change.   Dr. Shinya promotes a variety of enzymes and Kangen water (think alkaline water with minerals added.)

If I were to get a book from Dr. Shinya, it would be his older work on colonoscopies, not his newer stuff on microbes and enzymes.  Colonoscopy: Diagnosis and Treatment of Colonic Diseases.  He's done a lot more research in that area. 

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