Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Adrenal support

One of the funnest things about Women to Women is that they don't really ask if you're a woman when you sign up for their newsletter.  So I periodically get emails telling me my estrogen is likely to be out of balance.  That may be, but I'm personally more interested in my testosterone.  This discussion of adrenal covers both sexes.  I don't find the 24 hour testing terribly accurate, and the conventional approach is either a snapshot blood test (almost always "normal") or a 24 urine collection.  I use a much quicker in the office test.

Here's W to W's rundown on adrenal fatigue.  http://www.womentowomen.com/adrenalfatigue/effectsofhighcortisol.aspx?id=1&campaignno=adrenalfatigue&adgroup=ag1adrenalfatigue&keywords=adrenal+fatigue

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