Monday, November 21, 2011

Is Organic Better? Yes, Mostly.

I've addressed the various issues with judging whether organic foods are better than conventional produce on my website.

The short answer continues to be that organic produce does, in fact, have more of some nutrients than its conventional cousin.  It varies from season to season and crop to crop.  Let's acknowledge that, and move on.  Unfortunately, places like the Mayo Clinic like to sound like authorities, and so cite one review (covering the last fifty years?  Don't get me started on soil depletion, changing farming methods, etc.) and say probably there's no difference.  I'd say some researcher needs to take the Twinkie out of his mouth and realize he's just set the debate back to the dark ages of the 1960's. 

Our current discussion needs to focus on the process of becoming locavores.  This term needs to enter the mainstream in the same way that vegetarian is now part of common knowledge.  If you are unfamiliar with this concept, here's a starting point.  Many people here in Maine have been locavores for decades, but have subsidized an otherwise exemplary diet full of fresh and flash frozen vegetables from their giant gardens with deep fried food.  All they need to do to get healthier is stop eating out.

For the crunchies among us, put down that Ecuadorian arugula.  It isn't in season, and you've just consumed a full tank of gasoline along with your "spring veggies."  Oh, I'm guilty as well, and everything in moderation.  But let's all keep humble and have a look at what our neighbors are doing right.  If we focus, necessity and intention meld together to make it more and more obvious that our only possible way out of our issues is to work together on every issue.     

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