Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Naturopathic Medicine: An Admirably Specific Tool.

Modern medicine is often done at the expense of individual.  You may get your own dosage of a medication, but that medication must meet with a very wide audience before it is truly profitable.  The so called "orphan diseases" rarely have researched medications specifically for them because they don't represent enough of a market. 

In the same way that a hammer can be used to open a bottle of wine, modern medicine can be used for any purpose.  But if one wishes to preserve the shape and texture of the human individual involved, Naturopathic medicine provides a far more elegant method of intervention. 

Just as a corkscrew winds its way deeper into the layers of an illness, drawing out the illness bit by bit to its core, so also does Naturopathic medicine wind itself to the heart of the issue and withdraw the entire issue in one go.  It is slower going, and the impatient patient who wishes instant results sees the explosive power of the pharmaceutical drug and is intoxicated.  But after a few years of opening up their illnesses with a hammer, few patients remain as enamored with the side effects of the methods used.  At that point they search out the slower, more specific route to health.  See http://www.naturopathic.org/ for your local licensed N.D.

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