Friday, December 10, 2010

My Christmas Present: A Kindle.

My father, bless his stars and garters, bought me a kindle for Christmas.  Evidently a wide variety of books are free through Amazon, although I am prevented from checking out e-books from my library because my kindle is not compatible. 

So far, I like the non-glaring screen, and it is certainly light, but it's not a book.  I can't flip around like I'd like, check the back for a glossary, etc.  I got Da Vinci's Notebooks without pictures, which is a little like smelling a nice dinner from across the street while you're boarding a bus.  It's not the same as eating, or in this case reading. 

So I know I'm supposed to rave about my electronic gadget, and I do want to send my father heart felt thanks, but I'm waiting for my kindle to provide me with e-book checkout, which is something I can't get from a book (all the most recent titles for free, to be browsed and discarded after a week). 

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