Monday, May 31, 2010

Life is fleeting, breathe.

In every breath, a molecule of the air breathed by every fallen hero enters your lungs.  Rather than speculation, this is the simple reality of the recycling of oxygen in our atmosphere.  We are literally connected.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


The application of sublingual desensitization is a necessary part of any allergy therapy.  We aren't supposed to be allergic to everything.  Check out under the What Do I Treat? page.  I just added a page on allergies.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Christopher Maloney, Naturopathic Doctor

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A Naturopath's friend. The old Merck.

Every time they call alternative medicine old fashioned, pull out a copy of the original Merck manual and read about M.D.s dosing patients with arsenic.  We've come so far? Today we use methotrexate to treat RA, a disease caused by a bacteria.

Stress release, escape to another world.

While implausible, Lost in Austen was tolerable and interesting in its explorations of modern and Victorian life.  For Austen fans only.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Alchemist reminded me of this earlier work, which is better as a book than as a movie.  That is saying a lot, since the movie is very hot, but you can't translate the sense of the book's ethereal nature into a movie.  The movie is a tragedy, but the book somehow avoids that sense. 

The Alchemist

I picked this up at a friend's parent's camp house and read it cover to cover in four hours.  It isn't so much the ideas as the images that he manages to insert into your consciousness without you being fully aware of it.  I've read everything? he's written that has been translated.  Good, thoughtful material, but his most recent didn't resonate as much as his earlier books.

Four Hour Workweek

When you look at this book, it seems so shallow.  A twenty something has figured out how to outsource his supplement business.  Now he's selling a book.  But have a look at the last chapters (not the blog additions).  He has some good points and makes anyone taking the "safe" path to retirement think (if the financial crisis hadn't already done that for you).

Mercola's Journey

If you look at Mercola's journey, he has moved from conventional to unconventional medicine for the sake of his patients.  Mercola's discussion of his journey.  So many doctors haven't taken the time to examine not just how they practice, but the overall picture of how to truly get their patients well.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Overcoming Underearning

One of the hardest things about alternative health is the fact you need to pay out of pocket.  It does motivate patients to engage fully in their own healing.  In my experience, alternative health patients are often the martyrs in their social group, outperforming and underearning their coworkers. 

Barbara Stanny's book gives a wonderful look at the steps necessary to move from being blocked and underpaid to being assertive and paid what you are worth. 

Natural Treatment Therapies

As patients ask me, I will post various answers to their queries here to help everyone live healthier lives.