Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I just finished listening to the short book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss. It's always hard when someone goes from being a nonbeliever to being someone who says: "this is exactly what the afterlife looks like, and here is the meaning of life for everyone." Clearly the rendition of what was said by his patient in hypnotic state was in line with what would translate for him. The Masters said as much, and even his patient didn't want to listen to the recordings. But it was interesting to hear about his search of the literature and the extensive research that has been done on these issues. I simply don't see any of this literature making its way into the hospital wards and nursing homes, which is unfortunately where most of us go to die. I've also talked to several hospital pastors who are more and more non-denominational these days. Hospice seems to do the best in terms of dealing with spiritual issues, but if someone is dying of an acute illness (and therefore needs the most help quickly) we don't have the resources in place to address their spiritual needs. I know it will never be a hospital priority, but it doesn't even seem to be on the radar in most locations. Muchas vidas, muchos maestros / Many Lives, Many Masters By Weiss, Brian (Google Affiliate Ad)